Reese Fallon Fund

Kind-hearted, loving, strong, hardworking and humorous are just a few words to describe Reese Fallon. Reese was born and raised in the riding of Beaches-East York. She was tragically taken from us on July 22nd 2018 at the age of 18 as a result of the Danforth Shooting. The impact she made on her friends, her family, her community and the young liberals is truly admirable. She planned on attending McMaster University in the fall to study Nursing. Whether it was her work in Politics and her future in Nursing, she touched and changed the lives of so many.

During her time at the National Convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia in April 2018, during a conversation with her riding club, Reese wondered if a fund could be established for young Liberals to help fund trips to political events, allowing more people to attend affordably. As a club entity associated with Ontario Liberal Party, OYL has established a fund dedicated to Reese. We will continue to cherish the memories of her and honour her legacy, allowing others to live the experiences that she loved.

If you would like to contribute to the Reese Fallon Fund, please email with the subject line “Reese Fallon Fund Donation.”