OMP 2016

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Caucus and Cabinet

This year’s OYL Government caucus is listed below in its entirety. Due to the incredibly volume of applications this year, we’ve decided that OMP 2016 will be comprised of two different cabinets (which is why there are two names beside each position).

  • Premier: Alexander Cohen & Tatiana P
    • PA: James Kamberi
  • Deputy Premier, President of the Treasury Board, and Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy: Charlotte Zronik & Mike Noehammer
    • PA (Treasury Board): Victorio Darwin David
  • Aboriginal Affairs: Josh Monk & Angelina Audette
    • PAs: Garishan R & Liam Alexander
  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs: Andrew Potter & Irfan Tahiri
    • PAs: Sarah Siregar & Natalia
  • Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs: Gaby Schachter & Alana Kiteley 
    • PAs (Attorney General): Adrien Blanchard & Nirmra Norman
    • PA (Francophone Affairs): Audrey LaFrance-Brassard 
  • Children and Youth Services, & Women’s Issues: Nirmra Norman & Francesca Cesario
    • PAs (CYS): Gary Sadhra & Jordan Renaud
    • PA (Women’s Issues): Rayan Hamouda 
  • Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade: Zunaira Asif & Ahsan Khokhar 
    • PAs: Mathew Davis & Tanzim Rashid
    • PAs: Isaac Hewitt-Harris & Jacob Komada-Mamado
  • Community and Social Services: Sara Elawash & Iewan
    • PAs: Atticus Lyon & Carter Brownlee
  • Community Safety and Correctional Services: Asquith Allen
  • Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure: Noah Parker & Nicholas Ferreira
    • PA: Ajay Sharma 
  • Education: Lucas LeGros & Shahene Patel
    • PAs: John Lee & Salman Arif
  • Energy: Alex Bryne & Zachary Caldwell
    • PAs: Jordan Renaud & Caitlin
  • Environment and Climate Change: Samantha Mariano & Alana Cameron
    • PA: James Leask & Madie Fuller
    • PAs: Alex Kwasko & Saereen Qureshi
  • Finance: Kaleem Hawa & Andrew Potter
    • PAs: Daniel Minden & Jina Aryaan
  • Associate Minister of Finance (Ontario Retirement Pension Plan): Francesca Cesario & Anthony Piruzza
  • Government and Consumer Services: Ran Zha & Sara Elawash
    • PAs: Oliver Jacob & Garishan R
  • Health and Long-Term Care: Shan Arora & Khalidha Nasiri
    • PAs (Health): Adam Burger
    • PAs (Long-Term Care): Tom Yun
  • Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care (Long-Term Care and Wellness): Anthony Piruzza & Shan Arora
  • Labour: Stefan Mukendi & Jeffery DeGuzman
    • PA: Noorulabdeen Ahmad 
    • PA: Sarah Siregar
  • Municipal Affairs and Housing: Abdi Issa & Kevin Vando
    • PAs: Lisa Ji & Anthony Navarro
  • Natural Resources and Forestry: Tanzim Rashid & Andrew Johnston
    • PAs: Mahwish Karamat 
  • Northern Development and Mines: Caitlin & Giovanni Giuga
    • PA: Daniel Asper 
  • Tourism, Culture and Sport: Anthony Navarro & Fatimah Nadhum

    • PAs: Gordon Lam & Ibrahim Asadullah
  • Minister Responsible for Senior Affairs: Kevin Noguera & Muhammad M Iqbal
  • Transportation: Joseph Guiyab & Joe Ruan
    • PA: Saereen Qureshi 
  • Training, Colleges and Universities, & Research and Innovation: Salman Arif & Jagmeet
    • PAs (Training Colleges and Universities):  Madie Fuller & Bianca Hosseini
    • PA (Research and Innovation): Gary Sadhra
  • MPP for St. Catharines: Ashna Fernando 
  • MPP for Brant: Zohra Azizi 
  • MPP for Mississauga—Erindale : Jaspreet Sadhra  

Important Details

OMP 2016 will take place on April 29th, kicking off at 9am at Queen’s Park. An agenda of our day at OMP can be found here.

Be sure to join us for Debate Camp this Thursday, the night before OMP. We’ll be reviewing the rules of debate in Queen’s Park and going over our government legislation, it’s important that you make it! Registration begins at 8:30 on Friday, don’t forget ID! Ontario Model Parliament is only open to young Liberals who applied before the registration deadline.

Here are the important details for both Debate Camp and OMP:

Debate Camp

Date: Thursday, April 28th

Time: 6:30 – 9:00

Location: Room 1084, Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St. George Street

Ontario Model Parliament

Date: Friday, April 29th

Time: 8:30 – 5:45

Location: Queen’s Park

Any questions can be directed via email to to Gazal or Anthony.

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