OYL kicks off spring riding recruitment drive

Two weeks ago we launched our student club recruitment drive (winner to be announced shortly), and today we’re excited to launch out riding club recruitment drive! Summer is coming, and it’s time to build up our riding clubs.

From today, April 4th to Friday, April 18th, the OYL Riding Club in each region with the highest percentage increase in their membership will win a surprise date with an MPP, covered by the OYL (6 winners possible).

Here’s how it works: Clubs will have two weeks to sign up as many members as they want, using whatever recruitment techniques work best for them. Once the contest closes, the OYL will receive updated membership numbers for all provincial riding clubs, and divide the number of new members by the number of members on April 4. This percentage is the growth rate. The provincial riding club in each region with the highest growth rate will win the prize.

All membership forms MUST be submitted to the OLP office by 5pm on April 17th or submitted online by 5pm on April 18th. Memberships received prior to Friday, April 4 will not be eligible for consideration towards club growth.

All currently recognized provincial riding clubs are eligible, so get recruiting!