A Budget to be Proud of

With this week’s visionary budget, Premier Kathleen Wynne has made history. By making significant investments in health care and education, our government has ensured that Ontario will continue moving forward as a fair and progressive place to live. These investments will help our province, and especially its youth, get ahead in these turbulent times.

This budget understands that one of the best ways to help young people get ahead is by supporting them during and after their education. This is why free tuition for students who need it most will begin this September, and why graduates won’t have to start paying back their loans until they’re making 35 thousand dollars a year. This means that a good education is within reach for more youth than ever.  Important investments in education is also why planning has begun for Ontario’s first French language university.

That wasn’t all of the exciting news, of course. Starting next year, prescription medication will be free for all youth under 25. This means that less youth will have to worry about affording the care they need. This bold plan was initially passed at Summer Fling, and is a reminder of the progress that can be made when Young Liberals have a role in the policy process.

This budget takes important steps in reaffirming our progressive values. More importantly, it reminds us that Premier Kathleen Wynne understands the challenges that youth face and is serious about confronting them. As a Young Liberal, there’s a whole lot in this budget to be proud of.


Najva Amin

President, Ontario Young Liberals

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