Meet your OYL Executive

The OYL Executive is made up of three groups.  Click the links below to contact individual members of the Executive.

Management Board

President – Francesca Cesario
Vice President Organization – Gazal Amin
Treasurer – Aqsa Naveed


Communications Director – Carter Brownlee
Policy Director – Rachel Campbell
Student Director – Aidan Meffe
Riding Director – Kaitlin Salole
Community Engagement Director – Robert Zhu

Regional Coordinators

Northern Regional Coordinator – Nathan Gravelle
Eastern Regional Coordinator – Bruce Baker
Ottawa Regional Coordinator – Fatema Abdalla
GTA North Regional Coordinator – Cynthia Antony
GTA East Regional Coordinator – Vacant
GTA Central Regional Coordinator  – Noor Samiei
Golden Horseshoe Regional Coordinator – Aiman Akmal
Southwestern Regional Coordinator – Josh Monk