Representing individuals between the ages of 14-25, the Ontario Young Liberals (OYL) play an important role in the Ontario Liberal Party, advocating for progressive policies, and in supporting Liberal candidates across the province.

The OYL and Young Liberals everywhere have become the voice of youth in our party, the voice of change, and the voice of renewal. We are a way for interested youth to become actively involved in politics and we provide a forum to effect meaningful change. We are an organization made up of youth from across Ontario, who are organized into both Riding Clubs and Student Clubs.

The OYL Executive works with club members to plan events throughout the year, to organize volunteer opportunities with local members and candidates, to formulate policy for submission to the party, and to facilitate cooperation between Young Liberals. There are so many ways to get involved with the OYL. You could attend one of the OYL signature annual events, participate in the policy process, volunteer on a campaign, join an OYL committee, join a club (or start a club) in your riding or on your campus, or come up with your very own initiative.

The OYL is a membership-driven organization, and so we want you to keep in touch. Feel free at any time to contact any of the OYL Executives about anything! Also, we hope you’ll be a part of our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter for the latest OYL-related updates. Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our new website!